Screen Culture

The average adult spends the majority of their waking hours in front of some sort of screen or device. We’re enthralled, we’re addicted to these machines. How did we get here? Who benefits from this unprecedented screen time? What are the cumulative impacts of this culture on people, society and the environment? What may come next if these impacts are left unchecked, to play out to their end trajectories? Is that what we want for ourselves, our loved ones, the world? The future?

"A must watch title and one that sheds light on those uncomfortable questions a lot of us would otherwise swipe past."

- Greg Wheeler, Review Geek

"Whatever your views on screen culture, there is no denying that Jordan Brown has done his homework and his passion for positive social change as well as his filmmaking shines through."

- UK Film Review

"Stare Into The Lights My Pretties is one of the most important and valuable films I've ever seen. Everyone needs to watch it, and then turn away from the screen on which they saw it."

- Derrick Jensen, Author and Activist


"Jordan Brown delivers a strong, straightforward study. It’s a key document to discuss contemporary society, giving space to ... things that are getting lost in the click culture."

- Modern Times Review


"Jordan Brown poses moral and ethical questions that couldn’t be more timely or profound. What kind of world do we want to live in, and do we have the willpower to change it?"

- Top Documentary Films


We live in a world of screens. The average adult spends the majority of their waking hours in front of some sort of screen or device. We’re enthralled, we’re addicted to these machines. Stare Into The Lights My Pretties investigates these questions with an urge to return to the real physical world, to form a critical view of technological escalation driven by rapacious and pervasive corporate interest. Covering themes of addiction, privacy, surveillance, information manipulation, behaviour modification and social control, the film lays the foundations as to why we may feel like we’re sleeprunning into some dystopian nightmare with the machines at the helm. Because we are, if we don’t seriously avert our eyes to stop this culture from destroying what is left of the real world.


November 26th, 2017
Move Me Productions Film Festival
Winner of Best Documentary
Antwerp, Belgium
December 2nd, 2017
Barcelona Planet Film Festival
Barcelona, Spain
December 28th – 31st 2017
The Independent Film Collaborative
Best Documentary Semi-Finalist
Dhaka, Bangladesh
January 2nd, 2018
The Mediterranean Film Festival
Siracusa, Italy/Sicily
January 19th – 20th, 2018
European Cinematography Awards
Warsaw, Poland
January 27th, 2018
Eurasia International Film Festival
Winner of Best Documentary
Moscow, Russia
March 2nd-11th, 2018
Festival international Signes de Nuit
Winner of Edward Snowden Award
Tucumán, Argentina
March 7th – 11th, 2018
Silk Road International Film Festival
Nominated for Best Documentary
Dublin, Ireland
March 8th, 2018
Plan A, Betahaus
With Q&A
Berlin, Germany
March 9th, 2018
Around International Film Festival
Barcelona, Spain
March 9th, 2018
The New Theatre
Dublin, Ireland
March 18th, 2018
Indie Lincs Film Festival
Winner of Most Challenging Film
Lincoln, United Kingdom
March 22nd – 25th, 2018
Fuori Mercato Independent Film Festival
Como Lombardia, Italy
March 28th, 2018
Circular House Neukölln
With Q&A
Berlin, Germany
April 11th – 14th, 2018
Festival Internazionale Segni Della Notte
Urbino, Italy
May 11th, 2018
Loop Bar Cinema
With Q&A
Melbourne, Australia
June 27th, 2018
Spotlight Documentary Film Awards
Silver Award Winner
Atlanta, United States
June 30th, 2018
Free Speech TV
Colorado, United States
July 4th, 2018
Indie Best Films Festival
California, United States
August 9th, 2018
Channel 44 Television
Adelaide, Australia
August 13th, 2018
Civic Media Center
Gainesville, United States
September 21st, 2018
b-ware! Ladenkino
With Q&A
Berlin, Germany
September 23rd, 2018
OmniCommons Theater
Oakland CA, United States
October 10th – 14th, 2018
Bozcaada International Film Festival
Bozcaada, Turkey
October 17th – 20th, 2018
One World Berlin, Human Rights Film Festival
With Q&A
Berlin, Germany
October 19th, 2018
Channel 31 Television
With AMA Online
Melbourne, Australia
November 7th, 2018
Soapbox Cinema
With Q&A
New York, United States
November 9th, 2018
Shenandoah Seasonal Film Series
Strasburg Virginia, United States
December 11th, 2018
Close-Up Cinema
London, England
December 27th, 2018
Inshort Film Festival 2018
Lagos, Nigeria
December 28th, 2018
Royal Exchange Salon Theatre
With Q&A
Newcastle, Australia
December 29th, 2018
New York, United States
December 29th, 2018
Chaos Film Society
Leipzig, Germany
February 9th, 2019
Boddinale Film Festival
Berlin, Germany
March 31st, 2019
Mount Vic Flicks Cinema
With Q&A
Blue Mountains, Australia
May 2nd, 2019
Richmond Theatrette
With Q&A
Melbourne, Australia
May 24th - 26th, 2019
Gödöllő International Film Festival
Budapest, Hungary
June 13th - 16th, 2019
The World Festival of Emerging Cinema
Trinidad and Tobago
June 22nd - 30th, 2019
Festival international Signes de Nuit
Bangkok, Thailand
October 5th, 2019
MoziMotion Film Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 6th, 2019
Lift-Off Film Festival
Hilversum, Netherlands
October 30th, 2019
Impakt Festival
Utrecht, Netherlands
November 15th, 2020
IEEE Symposium on Technology and Society
With Q&A
Worldwide, Online
December 20th, 2020
Miracle Film Festival
Sanibel Florida, United States