Short Film

Forget Shorter Showers

Why personal change does not equal political change.

Would any sane person think dumpster diving would have stopped Hitler, or that composting would have ended slavery or brought about the eight-hour workday; or that chopping wood and carrying water would have gotten people out of Tsarist prisons; or that dancing around a fire would have helped put in place the Voting Rights Act of 1957 or the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Then why now, with all the world at stake, do so many people retreat into these entirely personal “solutions”? Why are these solutions not sufficient? But most importantly, what can be done instead to actually stop the murder of the planet?


Words based on the essay of the same title by Derrick Jensen. Original camera by Jordan Brown and Masao Tamaoki. Music by Jordan Brown, Chris Clark, Alan Whitehead, Amon Tobin, Horace Silver, Bonobo and Murcof. Additional footage credits to respective creators, some of whom are: Chris White, Babak Tafreshi, Melissa Parker, Colin Riche, Alex Delany, Sam Irwin, Jeff Grewe, Chris Pritchard, Ben Knight, Danny McShane, Joel Schat, Simon Waller, Ron Fricke, Franklin López, Michel Benjamin, Dominique Gentil, Emily James, Mårten Nilsson, Lukas Eisenhauer, Josh Fox, Peter Mettler, and Indymedia. And all further credit where credit is due for unknown or unattributed creators whose work appears.

"When Jordan Brown asked if he could turn my essay into a short film, I had no idea that he was so extraordinarily talented. He turned this into a better film than I could have imagined."

- Derrick Jensen, Author and Activist


March 5th, 12th-13th, 2016
Project Native Film Festival
Massachusetts, United States
April 3rd, 2016
Quebec, Canada
April 14th - 15th, 2016
Georgetown University Film Festival
Washington DC, United States
April 23rd, 2016
Earth Port Film Festival
Winner of Audience Choice Award
Massachusetts, United States
May 20th, 2016
Ekotop Envirofilm Festival
Winner of Slovakian Ministry of Justice Honorary Award
Bratislava, Slovakia
May 21st, 2016
May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival
Best First-time Filmmaker Award
Illinois, United States
July 29th - 31st, 2016
Social Machinery Film Festival
Mantova, Italy
July 27th, 2016
Where Is The Horse Film Festival
Monterrey, Mexico
August 5th - 7th, 2016
G2 Green Earth Film Festival
California, United States
September 10th, 2016
Grand IndieWise Convention
Miami Florida, United States
October 6th - 16th, 2016
Awareness Film Fest
Los Angeles, United States
October 6th, 2016
Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival
Tofino, Canada and more
October 7th - 9th, 2016
Below Five Zero
Melbourne, Australia
October 14th - 16th, 2016
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
October 15th - 19th, 2016
Ekotop Envirofilm Festival
Prague, Czech Republic
October 17th - 23rd, 2016
Life Sciences Film Festival
Winner of Best Documentary Short
Prague, Czech Republic
October 21st - 31st, 2016
American Conservation Film Festival
West Virginia, United States
October 30th, 2016
Yosemite International Film Festival
Winner of Honorary Award
California, United States
November 7th, 2016
Myrna Loy Center
Montana, United States
November 16th - 20th, 2016
OFF Cinema Festiv
Poznań, Poland
January 5th, 2017
Egyptian Theatre
Idaho, United States
January 12th - 16th, 2017
Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Nevada City California, United States
February 12th, 2017
The Siskiyou FilmFest
Grants Pass Oregon, United States
March 7th, 2017
The Flying Monkey Movie House
Plymouth, United States
March 18th, 2017
Salida Steam Plant Theatre
Colorado, United States
March 18th, 2017
Auburn State Theatre
California, United States
March 25th, 2017
Picture Farm Film Festival
Brooklyn New York, United States
March 25th, 2017
Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Centre
San Juan, United States
April 5th, 2017
Violet Crown Cinema
Charlottesville, United States
April 6th, 2017
Harrisonburg Court Square Theatre
Virginia, United States
April 14th, 2017
Whitman College
Washington, United States
May 11th, 2017
California State University, Chico
California, United States
May 13th, 2017
Doris Duke Theatre
Honolulu, United States
September 20th - 24th, 2017
Matsalu Nature Film Festival
Lihula, Estonia
October 12th, 2017
Greenwich West Arts Centre
London, United Kingdom
October 14th, 2017
Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center
Tennessee, United States
October 22nd, 2017
Red Mountain Theatre
Alabama, United States
October 26th - 29th, 2017
Noosa International Film Festival
Winner of Change Maker Award
Queensland, Australia
October 28th, 2017
Soper Reese Community Theatre
California, United States
October 28th, 2017
Henderson Campus Center, Allegheny College
Pennsylvania, United States
November 2nd - 6th, 2017
CMS VATAVARAN Film Festival and Forum
New Delhi, India
November 3rd, 2017
Auburn University Goodwyn Hall
Alabama, United States
November 10th, 2017
Museum of Northern California Art
California, United States
November 10th, 2017
Flying Monkey Arts Center
Huntsville, United States
November 16th, 2017
Roxy Theatre, Missoula
Montana, United States
November 16th, 2017
Seacrets Jamaica USA
Montana, United States
November 25th, 2017
Columbia Valley Centre
British Columbia, Canada
December 8th, 2017
Great Falls Myrna Loy Center
Montana, United States
December 9th, 2017
Wimberley Corral Theatre
Texas, United States
December 16th, 2017
Auroville Film Festival
Tamil Nadu, India
January 19th, 2018
Kino Moviemento
Berlin, Germany
January 20th, 2018
Russel C. Davis Planetarium
Mississippi, United States
January 24th, 2018
Cottonwood Cinema
Montana, United States
January 25th, 2018
Judith Theatre
Montana, United States
January 25th, 2018
River Oaks Theatre
Texas, United States
January 25th, 2018
Rose Hills Theatre, Pomona College
California, United States
February 3rd, 2018
Prince Charles Secondary School
Creston, Canada
February 17th, 2018
Rosenheimer Moviemento Kino
Munich, Germany
February 28th, 2018
Berlin, Germany
April 11th, 2018
Punkfilmfest Berlin
Berlin, Germany
April 25th, 2018
Soapbox Gallery
New York, United States
July 4th, 2018
Indie Best Film Festival
California, United States
August 4th, 2018
Cool Community Hall
California, United States
September 6th, 2018
Carrboro Century Center
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
September 8th, 2018
Northern Alaska Environmental Center
Fairbanks, United States
September 13th, 2018
Roxy Theatre
Revelstoke, Canada
September 20th, 2018
RA International Independent Film Awards
Winner of Best Short Documentary
Vilnius, Lithuania
September 21st, 2018
Escalante High School
Utah, United States
October 27th, 2018
Sierra Nevada Brewery
California, United States
January 24th, 2019
Homer Theatre
Alaska, United States
February 15th, 2019
Royal Exchange Salon Theatre
Newcastle, Australia
March 9th, 2019
Sustainability Short Films Festival
Winner of Best of the Festival Award
Illinois, United States
March 21st - 22nd, 2019
tiNai Ecofilm Festival
Winner of Best Foreign Short Ecodocumentary
Tamil Nadu, India
May 6th, 2019
Republica Festival
Berlin, Germany
June 18th, 2019
Zeitimpuls Shortfilm Festival
Vienna, Austria
August 8th, 2019
Tools for Solidarity Conference
Belfast, Northern Ireland
September 22nd, 2019
December 28th, 2020
Bovec Outdoor Film Festival
Bovec, Slovenia