1. The Anthropocene—the present geological epoch, from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards, during which humans [sic]* have had a substantiative global impact on the natural world.

This album was written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jordan Brown over the many on-and-off months spanning May 2011 to September 2014, in the many on-and-off rooms of a former lingerie factory with asbestos roof on Pitt St in so-called Brunswick, Melbourne—which is really Iramoo on Wurundjeri land still under duress, never ceded.

Notable musical instruments used to make the sounds were: real drum kit, real electric and acoustic guitar, real electric bass guitar, real human voice, real upright piano, real shitty keyboard; unreal audiomulch, unreal electronic patch, and the unreal hand icon inside the computer making use of all the above in simulation.*

Artworks for this record were graciously created alongside in both digital and analogue format by Michelle Chorny, in collaboration—all with continued realisations that the natural world is indeed phenomenally and perplexingly never-endingly beautiful and primary. Yet, the world burns and the simulation turns, toxic-mimics. Ink drawings about this by Willow Darling; likewise, pencil tree and tree stencils by Nathalie Crawford. A5 layout inspired by the good work of Becca Kellaway with amazing construction ideas by Michelle Chorny—including the symbolic leaf and hessian screenprint. A very heartfelt and extended thanks to all for your amazing work, generous sincerity and support. Artwork assembly and design by Jordan Brown.

Life was made more pleasant throughout the creation of this record by Antonietta Melideo, Rachel Williams, Kyle Magee, Nathalie Crawford, Michelle Chorny, Joshua Lapham and Callum Bryant. Thank you, and thank you all for your work, and for being alive; for being who you are.

And thank you, dear listener and reader, for listening and reading; but most of all, for your attention span in a world of perpetual distraction; devoid of appreciation to detail, real meaning, reflection, empathy, understanding and contemplativeness. It is for you and these wonderful attributes that you hold, that this record is dedicated to you and generations to come (while CD players and all this other shit still exists—which of course isn’t long, and indeed in our lifetimes, if not already). After that, we’re all folklore. And maybe then we’ll sing for real again.

Earnestly and with love,

5th November, 2014.