Creeping Normalcy


01. Éminence Grise (03:36)
02. Breaking Off The Rails (03:35)
03. The Ratchet Effect (03:16)
04. To Know is Forever Incomplete (04:53)
05. Happiness Machines (03:17)
06. Landscape (03:24)
07. Pouring In (03:18)
08. Everybody Watching Everyone Else (04:49)
09. (The Panoptic Sort) (01:36)
10. How Easy it is For The Few to Control the Many (03:32)
11. Creeping Normalcy (07:43)

About this Album

Released 21st December, 2009, independently.

All muic/noise/lyrics written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jordan Brown in a house on Forbes St, Carrington, NSW over the months spanning May-October 2009.

Additional musicians on Landscape are: Sarah Jovanovski on cello and Elizabeth Weightman on clarinet. Thank you.

Big thanks to Grant Hanlon and Alex Bulley for the use of their various amplification equipments. Special thanks to Nathalie Crawford, Joshua Lapham and Andrew Protasiewicz. Thank you for listening.