The Erase Tapes


01. In Blur (03:41)
02. Lonely (07:15)
03. Just Afterwards (10:08)
04. Counterintuitive (06:20)
05. Snow Sneaking (Cold Both Ways) (06:52)
06. A Cautious Afternoon (08:52)
07. Glimpses of Warm (05:05)
08. Crumbly Cake and Eat It Too (06:51)
09. The Erase Tapes (10:41)
10. Feel of Poppies (05:59)

About this Album

Released 14 August 2013, independently.


The Erase Tapes is a soundscape record of slow, washed, audio soundscapes and textures; representing a journey through the multifaceted aspects and emotions of what it means to be alive during the collapse of industrial civilisation. Written, performed and recorded by Jordan Brown throughout the many months spanning 2012-2013. Photograph on cover by Roksana Mical and Ken Rosenthal in mash-up.

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