The Autocrat and The Habituated


01. Bssbck (12:42)
02. Traffic (02:49)
03. Sour Wash (03:20)
04. Imperative Apply (04:07)
05. Strong Implications for The Future (04:29)
06. Protocols, Handshake and Groupthink (12:04)

About this EP

Released 28 February 2012, independently.

All tracks written, performed and recorded by Jordan Brown (various dates and times, locations).


A voice sampling performance. Recorded sometime 2007 in a house on Bishopsgate St, Wickham NSW. Thanks to assistance of Nathalie Crawford.

Soundtrack for the short film of the same name. See here.

Sour Wash
Soundscape about the horrors of mechanistic science pertaining to the natural world. Produced in both a shed in Preston, and inside the rooms of a former lingerie factory on Pitt St, Brunswick, Melbourne; February, 2012.

Imperative Apply
Piano recorded inside haybale studio, mud walls, same location as above. February 2012. Very early morning session, 6am, I think. Thanks to Steve Fraser for sharing access to studio.

Strong Implications for The Future
Soundtrack prepared for use in interview with Katina Michael on technology and the implications on society. Recorded 2009 in a house on Forbes St, Carrington NSW, before Creeping Normalcy released.

Protocols, Handshake and Groupthink
Experimental. Maybe monolithic, maybe sections.

Thank you for listening.