Sketches to Remember Sanity


01. Uncolonising our hearts and minds (03:46)
02. Fingers glued to the screen which are glued to the eyes which are glued to the screen (03:58)
03. You don’t have me (14:07)
04. Strength to destroy the technics (04:38)
05. I can hear you (02:21)
06. Sleeping in the fluff of The Cloud (Virtual reality is a toxic mimic of Physical Reality) (12:34)
07. Five Eyes, so many eyes, pay attention (03:21)
08. The sound of Predictive Analytics algorithms (02:34)
09. Warning tones (01:36)
10. What’s left of the world (04:01)
11. The Torrent Sea (06:16)
12. Do not give up (03:37)

About this Album

Released 21st June 2016, independently.

A record of soundtracks and landscapes centred around the theme of this culture’s addiction to the virtual world while the real world burns, too busy being glued to screens like zombies. It’s insane.

This record is a call to build a culture of resistance, for strength and resilience in fighting back, before it’s too late.


Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Jordan Brown. 2016.
Cover artwork inspired by a microscopic slide of the sclereid cells of a pear fruit.
Thanks to Krzysztof Szkurlatowski, Alison Ferrett, Pegs Adams, Derrick Jensen, Nathalie Crawford, and Katina Michael.

AntiĀ© – Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2016.