Media Monsters

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By Heidi Tilney Kramer

Who ever thought there would be torture scenes in G and PG rated children’s films? Or that a video game would incite one to feel the rush of killing? Who would have imagined in their worst nightmare that the Disney corporation would try to trademark “SEAL Team 6,” especially right after this elite military group killed Osama bin Laden, so they could use it for toys, Christmas stockings, and snow globes? Or that a child would write a few loving words on her desk and be arrested in front of her classmates?

Media Monsters: Militarism, Violence, And Cruelty In Children’s Culture explores the influence of media in the United States on young people, both historically and currently, from video games to children’s films, music, to the education system. The book sets out to help the reader understand the powerful forces indoctrinating youth in today’s technological age. With analysis of radio plays, television, education materials, advertising, video games, the film industry in general, and finally kids’ movies, the book reveals how the synergy of culture has become exceedingly violent and harmful, targeting younger and younger children. It’s a call to action, with empathy and understanding.